Mendec Spine MV/HV

  Mebndec Spine MV Mendec Spine HV
Viscosity: Medium High
Volume: 21.9 ml 21.9 ml
Time specs*: 3 / 8 / 10 1 / 14 / 4
Mixing system: Sealed (included) Sealed (included)
Applicator: Included Included
Needles: Not included - find here Not included - find here
Features: Application tube included Luer lock adapter included

*Preparation- / Application- / Polymerization time in minutes

Elegant, smart, safe

The Mendec HV/MV mixing system


Sealed and pre-dosed mixing system

Thanks to the sealed mixing system you can reach constant and high quality results. You can connect all preferred extrusion devices via luer lock.

Safety for your OR Team...

No fumes, no broken glass. The system is completely sealed. Your team will never come into contact with the cement.

...and patients

Thanks to the high viscosity you can start applicating directly. This decreases the leakage risk to the maximum. 

Costs efficiency: almost 100% of cement can be used

No waste of cement due to residues in mixing bowls or applicators.


Fill up to 6 bone fillers simultaniously with the V Fill via Luer-Lock.

Bone cement features

Mendec Spine HV

Time winner

Ready for use in 1 minute. Application time up to 14 mintes.

*time specification at 23° room temperature. Time periods may vary depending on stock situation and room temperature. Please read the IFU oft he manufacturer for further information.